Welcome to U5/U6 Soccer!

Small Fields, BIG Fun! 

It seems like our little ones were just learning to crawl, doesn’t it? As parents, we want to help our child learn, grow and have fun. Now we’re helping them explore the world through classes, camps, preschools and kindergarten. We like our kids to be busy, yet in a fun-educational-sort-of-way.

Since 1978, our non-profit organization has been providing fun-yet-educational experiences for the children in our community. Our U5-U6 soccer program gives your child a fun, playful introduction to the world of youth sports.

“The value of youth sports is not in the trophies. The value of youth sports is in learning through play.”

Why? Because we designed it that way. We put on our “kid glasses” and looked at it from the point of view of a young child. Young players want to play with the soccer ball, plain and simple.

Our program is designed to give them plenty of touches on the ball, with 45 minutes of exercises and games that focus on body awareness, individual skill with the ball, competition through games and free play (3v3 scrimmaging). 

We designed the U5-U6 schedule to fit into your family’s busy schedule. You’ll enjoy a single, weekly training session and 1 game on Saturdays. The fields are small. The rosters are small. The goals are small. The fun is BIG.  There’s lots of action and touches on the ball because if the ball goes out, we roll a new one in. Goal scoring is plentiful because we don’t use Keepers. 

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Parent Tip: Encourage your child to find a player to emulate and watch highlight videos or football matches together with his or her favorite player 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  Q: What do we need to bring and wear to practice?

  A: Players should wear athletic clothing (shorts, t-shirt, athletic pants, sweat shirts), cleats, shinguards (socks over them), a size 3 soccer ball and water. 

  Q: Where do I buy soccer gear in my child's size? 

  A: Amazon.com, Walmart, Hibbett Sports or Mac's Soccer Shack (Hwy169 & 61st) in Tulsa, OK

  Q: Where do I get uniforms? 

   A: Parents need to order uniforms online through Challenger Sports. These are roughly $45 and are shipped directly to your home. 

  Q: When are Games? 

  A: Typically games are on Saturdays starting in September (fall) and end in November or March (spring) and end in May. Game times very.  Teams play 3v3 and use Pugg Goals to shoot on. If the ball goes out of bounds, the coach or volunteer will play a new ball in. 

  Q: How long to games last?

  A: Games consist of (2) 20 minute halves with substitutions every 5 minutes (length of games may vary depending on number of players, tempature and ages).  

  Q: My child will graduate to the U7 age group next year, what can we expect, does it change?
  A: Players in the U7/U8 age groups will now play 4v4 on larger fields w/o a Keeper.