WCSC 1991-2001

WCSC had several changes over the years. The development of new additional game and practice fields, the move to small sided soccer for the Under-6's and Under-8's, the development of an Internet Web site, use of pre-printed registration forms, and many other changes.

The one thing that has kept fairly constant over the years is the average number of players in the Club. Even though we have some that graduate and move on in their lives, Phillips and other companies in town transfer people into and out of town, the influx of new people always seems to offset those that are leaving. Our numbers have usually been between 900 and 1000 players participating each season, with the recreational program comprising 75% and the competitive program comprising 25%.

Adams Lake and Silver Lake fields

The Adams lake fields and the Silver Lake fields were both developed mainly as practice fields. However due to the large number of players and teams in the program, the Adams Lake fields have become game fields. The Adams Lake complex recently had trees planted at the site by the City in appreciation of Arbor Day. Someday soon they will provide needed shade during those hot half time talks.

The SilverLake fields are used as practice fields. These fields are still being developed. We have had a lot of support in getting the parking lot constructed as well as getting the complex in good condition. The High School team also uses these fields for practice in the late spring.



Washington County Soccer Club Officers for 1995 are (front from left), Bill Whitte, field administrator; Dan Wieder, president; Mike Makvand, secretary; (Back row, from left) Dan Schultes, games committee chairman, Dan Gordon, vice-president (Bartlesville); Chuck Linn, past president; Roger Stone, registrar; and Dee Friend, coaches coordinator. Those not pictured are Teressa Marshall, vice-president (Copan); Marvin Neuschafer, treasurer; Rex Bobsein, competitive coordinator; Alan Ford, referee coordinator, Brent Wosel, game and field scheduler; and Kyle Reeder, equipment coordinator.

Bulletin Board

In 1995 Evan Eastman approached the WCSC Board with an Eagle Scout project. He wanted to construct a permanent bulletin board at the Benbrook fields for the Club. Evan completed this project in 1995 and although there has been some vandalism with the bulletin board, it is getting constant use and is a welcome addition to the complex.


Small Sided Soccer

In 1996, GCSA adopted small sided soccer, according to the USYSA Guidelines. The Under-8 program went to 4v4 soccer and the Under-10 program went to 8v8. The Under-6 program also became more structured adopting a 3v3 program. Although these programs met a certain amount of disagreement, it is clear that the small-sided program enables the player to have more touches on the ball and develop soccer skills more quickly at an early age.


Soccer 20 Years Ago, and Soccer Today


The 1998-1999 season was the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Washington County Soccer Club. Here you will find the history of our Club as well as history of the Green Country Soccer Association, our parent organization. You will also find milestones for our Club as well as some photographs from the Club's early years.

You can learn why the fields at Robinwood Park are named the Larry Benbrook Soccer Fields.

You can learn why the Benbrook fields are numbered starting at field 12. What happened to the other 11?

You can also learn about how the formation of the Bartlesville High School Bruin Soccer team was started, how they used to play during the winter months, and when it became a varsity sport.

I owe a great deal of thanks to Neal and Marilyn Lehman, and Gloria and Richard Franks, who helped supply the early history of the Club. The scrapbooks they kept were invaluable to providing these pages. It is also noteworthy to mention that the Lehmans, who were instrumental in getting the Club and the High School Soccer Booster Club started, have a son, Curt, who played on the Under-19 Boys Competitive team during 1999. Curt was not even born at the time the Lehmans helped get the Club started, and here in the 20th anniversary of the Club, they still had a son playing in the program.


Returning Bruin Varsity Soccer player, Curtis Lehman, was not even born when his family moved to Bartlesville in July of 1978. Washington County Soccer Club was in its beginning phase with 10 team’s competing that year. Curt's father, Neal Lehman, coached one of those teams. In 1979, 26 teams competed and Neal continued to coach and referee and also assumed the position of Games Committee Chairman. His wife, Marilyn, was the Treasurer of the organization. Both of their sons, Scott and Bryan, played in the soccer program.

Equipment, rosters, schedules and trophies filled the Lehman's downstairs. One would think there was no room for a new baby. But no so! Curt Lehman was born in 1980, the same year that his father was elected President of the Washington County Soccer Club. The growth was phenomenal that year and has proven to be one of Bartlesville's finest youth programs.

Curt's older brother, Scott, was one of the leading scorers on the first Bruin varsity soccer team.

It seems only fitting that the Lehman's youngest son, Curt, a senior at Bartlesville High School, is a member of the Washington County Soccer Club's U19 Boys competitive team and is participating in the fall program that will mark the club's 20 year anniversary.

This team, coached by Chuck McClain, just won the 1998 GCSA Invitational Tournament in Tulsa, playing in over 100 degree heat all three days of the Labor Day tournament.

We all wish this great sports program the very best and we commend all the players and volunteers that have made this program what it is today.


In the fall of 1998, WCSC decided to eliminate the first place trophies for the Under-10 division, being replaced by participation medals for all Under-10 players.



WCSC purchases land near Oak Park for new soccer fields. The fields, to be called the Gerard Fields, were purchased with money from the recent Bond Issue.