Maps & Directions

***This Website,, is the official website of the Washington County Soccer Club. As a convenience to you these maps and directions are provided. The park names may not represent the official names as given by the City of Bartlesville. Use that information at your own risk.***

(Schedule) Robinwood Park –  Larry Benbrook Fields

(Schedule) Adams Lake – M.J. Lee Lake

(Schedule) Daniels – TBD

**Also, please note the City of Bartlesville has a law against parking in the grass (anywhere).  If you park on the grass in the City of Bartlesville you are subject to a ticket from the local police.**

To find driving directions and field maps for fellow GCSA members please click here.

All WCSC fields seating arrangements:

Coaches and players sit opposite of the spectators.  Spectators are to sit accross from their team's bench.  Both teams (coaches/players and spectators) are seperated by the midfield line.

Driving Directions to field locations

Robinwood Park

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Adams Lake Fields

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Oklahoma Wesleyan Fields

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Daniels Fields

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Field Maps

Robinwood Park

Adams Lake FieldsAdams Lake Field Map

Daniels Fields (along with other complexes)