Game Coaches

Responsibilities of Game Day Coaches

Game Day:

Game coaches are responsible for making sure that all players play as close to even as possible according to the rotation sheet provided at the coaches meeting.  Rotating positions according to the rotation sheet is mandatory. Players that are your great attacking players of today can easily become your dominant defensive of tomorrow.  Players cannot be punished by withholding play time, no exceptions. 

Game coaches are NOT allowed to yell at referees for ANY reason.  WCSC referees work very hard to do the best that they can, but they are human.  If you feel there was an improper call you can contact the referee coordinator and he will get an answer for you.  The example you set will greatly influence the demeanor of those on your sideline.

Game coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and it’s fans at all games.  Coaches that are having issues may contact the Coach's Corrdinator, Field Marshals, or any WCSC board member for help with unruly fans.


Game day coaches are responsible for making sure that all players on their team have a copy of the schedule.  Coaches will be responsible for contacting every player in the case of and game cancellation.  Coaches are responsible for setting up a snack list and a time to take team pictures.  Coaches are highly encouraged to enlist the help of a team parent to help  with these duties.  Parents understand the time you are taking to coach their child and are normally more than willing to help out with the paperwork.  Coaches are to make sure they have a game form (at age groups that use them) for every game to be filled out by the referee and turned into the shed after every game.

Thank You:

We do understand that coaching soccer is a wonderful and fun way to fill some free time, but we also understand that a lot of hard work is involved.  Your dedication to the Beautiful Game and the positive influence you have on all the players is greatly appreciated.