Back in the early 70's a group of St. John's Elementary School students would occasionally get together to kick a soccer ball around.

But after a while that got to be a drag, so they decided to form a team. Problem was there weren't any other soccer teams in Bartlesville, or fields, or nets or referees either.

Hearing an advertisement on the radio about the Green Country Soccer Association in Tulsa, one of the kids went down and registered the team which they named the "Santos".

That was the fall of 1975. By the fall of '76 another Bartlesville team had joined Green Country. But the teams still had to play out of town, and when practicing in Bartlesville the teams resorted to odd measures like lining the field with flour and tying nets between the goal posts.

Another year passed before a group of parents recognized that a number of kids were not interested in the more traditional sports of basketball, baseball or football but enjoyed soccer. They formed the Washington County Soccer Club and the rest is history.

   The Washington County Soccer Club started in the fall of 1978 as an offshoot from a city program run by Phillips Petroleum and the YMCA. The Club started with 10 teams in 1978 playing teams mostly from the surrounding Tulsa area. WCSC became part of the Green Country Soccer Association which brought clubs from Northeast Oklahoma together.