Game Days

***** U5 Games will be played at 9:00am on Saturdays *****

*** U6 Games will be played at 10:30am on Saturdays ***

U6 Coaches & Rosters:

Team 1 - C. Musslewhite / B. Freeman, Team 2 - S. Blakemore, Team 3 - T. Deaton, Team 4 - H. Alley / K. Hay, Team 5 - M. Cannady II, Team 6 - B. Maudlin, Team 7 - S. Stubbs


*** Players should wear WHITE jersey when their team is listed as the "HOME" team and should wear their NAVY jersey when listed as the "AWAY" team. ***

Fall 2017 - Schedule


Team Pictures: 

We have teamed up with All-Star Sports Photography who will be taking both team and individual pictures. Teams are asked to be at the soccer fields either 15 or 30 mins before kick off on Saturdays. Please see the schedule below and be at the fields with your child wearing all their soccer attire at the appropriate time. After team pictures are completed, siblings will be offered the opportunity to have their photos taken also. Order forms and package options will be available on site. 

U6 Schedule                                        Order Form

If you have questions about different package options or ordering advice or any other photography related questions , please contact Melissa Little via email at

Parents and Supporters:

Laugh, smile and enjoy watching these children work hard and have fun while learning to play this wonderful game! Remember that these children are between the ages of 4 & 6 years old with vastly different experience levels. They are in different stages of physical, mental, and social development. In any given age group, there will be players who are born in January who have a full year of development over a child born in December! Our volunteer coaches will try keep the games from becoming one sided and get every player as many opportunities as possible to get touches on the ball. This may mean having players switch teams or adding additional players to the field. We appreciate your understanding and remember to support and encourage all the children and help make their first years of playing team sports a positive experience!