WCSC is a non-profit organization with expenses to maintain, mow, water, and fertilize fields; and to register and insure players with the Oklahoma Soccer Association. Our expenses are funded by player registration fees and occasional fund-raisers.

Donations help WCSC keep the fields and equipment maintained, and more importantly help those that cannot pay the fees to play soccer cover those expenses.  If you are interested in donating to the club please contact our Public Relations Director.

Cleats for Kids
program is making a return! We have a new
volunteer who is excited to oanize a former program that we have offered in th
e past for families to
ng players who may not be
able to afford a new or nearly new pair of cleats. If you would like to d
onate a pair of cleats or have a
need for a pair of cleats, please contact Donna Boatman at dboatman