Referee Assignments

CLICK HERE for game schedule for November th and 10th 2013

There is some confusion regarding when games should be halted or canceled. It appears we are going to have dicey weather again this weekend, so here is a bit of guidance. It is not comprehensive, but I hope it will help some:

  1. WCSC will cancel games for severe or extreme weather conditions.
  2. We have operated for a long time under the rule regarding lightning that we clear the field(s) when lightning is seen. The amount of time that the field should be cleared is 30 minutes from the time lightning is observed.

I just read this on the Red Cross website: If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning. Go to safe shelter immediately. So, I would say that, if lightning or thunder is in the area, it is from the time it stops plus 30 minutes before anyone should take to the fields again. The weekend of April 7, lightning was seen, then heavy rain continued to the point that it became clear that all games should be called for the day.

These rules are guidelines. The main point here is that everyone is responsible for the safety of the kids: officials, coaches, and parents to name a few. If there is lightning observed in the area, get off the fields. I hear that cars are safe places to be, but who knows…maybe Myth Busters will prove that wrong. I for one will be in my car! We can hope for good weather this weekend, but we need to help assure that the game is played in reasonably safe conditions. 

I try to have my phone with me at the fields at all times. It is a Tulsa number: 918 606 6763. I plan to be at Robinwood Saturday. Jay Bartley, Joe Bares, John Becker, Darren Cole - these are all good people to talk with about this subject. If you have questions, as see one of them in the area, ask!  Thanks, 

Harry Botts - Ref Coordinator

Be sure to check the date on any assignments you receive. We are starting to schedule two weeks in advance.

Remember, the fields are:
1. Through U10 games are at Robinwood Park, 
2. U11 Competitive & U12 Rec are at Adams Lake, 
3. Large fields are located at Oklahoma Wesleyan and the High School Practice field.