Training Information

Training Information

U5 and U6 players will attend only one practice per week.

At these ages (and for the next 7 years) becoming comfortable with a ball at their feet is and having fun is the BIGGEST priority. Encouraging "ball manipulation" and discouraging just "kicking the ball". Players have the most fun when they have the ball, dribbling, passing, and scoring goals and at this age they spend a ridiculous amount of time chasing the ball. It's important that they understand that once they get the ball they need to keep it close and protect it.



Training Wear & Weather Polices:

Players should wear athletic clothing that correlates to the outside temperatures. Sweatshirts, beanie’s (stocking hats), gloves, warm-up gear are all appropriate on those colder days just as shorts and t-shirts are good for the warm ones. Players must ALWAYS wear shin guards with socks over them. Soccer cleats are preferred, but tennis shoes are will work just as well.

It can be a challenge to keep kids engaged 100% of the time especially when they are first starting out and when the weather doesn’t cooperate it is almost impossible. There for when we have wet or rainy weather or drastic changes in the temperatures, it is not uncommon for training sessions to get cancelled (they are between 3 and 5 after all). Finally, if there is thunder and lightning in the area we won’t even risk it, just plan on not being out at the soccer fields.  

In those instances when training is cancelled we will do our best to get the word out through E-mail, Facebook, and our Coaches. So please make sure your email address is updated and correct in your gotsoccer account as that is the email that we will send all information to.  

Parent Tips

For all you parents who want to learn about the game and are interested in how to motivate and teach your child to play and love this great game.

  • One of the best ways to get kids engaged into a new activity is through motivation. The internet if filled with awesome videos or kids and professionals playing this wonderful game. Preview a short video and watch it with your child then grab a ball and play for a few minutes. Try to emulate what was seen on the videos

  • Juggling a soccer ball is one of the best ways to improve a players touch and although frustrating at first, learning new tricks is great motivation for players of all ages to show off to their friends!


  • Here is a pretty good video on learning how to start out juggling.