Coaches Resources

Coaches Resources


On behalf of Washington County SC, we would like to thank you for volunteering to coach this season. The WCSC recreational program is 100% staffed by volunteers and we would not have a recreational program without generous people like you. Once again, thank you. We can never say it enough.


 "A Good Coach Can Change A Game. A Great Coach Can Change A Life." 

- John Wooden

These videos were created to aid coaches in teaching simple field activities to players that will strengthen their skills in dribbling, ball control and running with the ball. 


Below are a collection of training sessions that have been used over the years for U5-U10. Most of the sessions are based on whole group training where multiple stations are setup and a coach or parent runs each station for 5-10 mins then rotate to another station.  

U5 U6 U7 U8 U9 U10
Change of Direction 1 Dribbling & Change of Direction 1 Change Of Direction Moves 1 First Training Session Change of Direction Moves 1 3v3 Games
Dribbling & Agility Dribbling 1 Dribbling With Speed  Change of Direction Skills 1 Change of Direction Moves 2 Breaking Down Defensively
Dribbling 1 Listening 1 Intro to Passing Change of Direction Skills 2 Checking & Receiving Pressure & Cover 1
Dribbling 2   When to Shoot Checking & Receiving Flighted Balls & Keeper Distribution Pressure & Cover 2
Dribbling 3   Group Training 6 Stations Dribbling 1 Passing 1 Pressure & Cover 3
Listening 1   All Skills Dribbling 2 Possession 1 Moves 1
Passing & Dribbling   Checking & Throw ins First Touch 1 Short Passing 1 Moves W/ Change of Direction 1
Shooting   Defending 1 Passing 1 Short Passing 2 Moves W/ Change of Direction 2
    Dribbling 1     Running With The Ball
    Dribbling 2     Shooting 1
    Shooting 1     Throw Ins
    Shooting 2     Checking & Receiving 1
          Passing (short)
          Possession (1st Touch) 1
          Possession (1st Touch) 2


U11-U12 U13-U14 U15-U16 U17-U18
Team Shape 1