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Sports Medicine & Prevention

For an athlete, injuries mean downtime. After an injury, there are many unknowns - how severe your injury is, what your treatment options are, and just how long that downtime will be. The orthopedic and sports medicine specialists at Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates can explain the nature of your injury, options that are available to you, and recommend a course of action that is best for your situation.  

For example, to avoid surgery, you may want to consider PRP injections for knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle injuries. In the event your injury requires surgery, an arthroscopic procedure may be performed to minimize pain and downtime.  

Some of the most common sports injuries affect the shoulder, elbow, and knee. To read about how these injuries may be diagnosed and treated, select this link.

In addition to more complex sports injuries, our doctors also treat general sprains and strainsmuscle injuries, and fractures in athletes of all ages and skill level. Whether an old injury has been bothering you or a new injury is interfering with your game, don’t ignore it – call and make an appointment with one of our sports medicine specialists at Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates. Let us help get you back in the game!

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