Elite Training Center

Elite Training Center 2015 Information
TSC Hurricane's Elite Training Centers (ETC) for U10-13 age groups!
2015 Schedule (subject to change)
Eligible age groups for ETC (based on calendar birth year*):  05, 04, 03, 02 B&G 
*Example: 05 = players born January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005
U11-13 Schedule 
Monday, 10/12/15 Boys  @ ISSC Field 3&4  5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
Wednesday, 10/21/15 Girls  @ ISSC Field 3&4 5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
Sunday, 11/8/15 Girls @ Holland Hall 11:00am 05s/04s  1:00pm  03s/02s
Sunday, 11/15/15 Boys @ Holland Hall  11:00am 05s/04s  1:00pm  03s/02s
Monday, 12/14/15 Boys ISSC Field 2&3 and Girls ISSC Field 30&32  5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
Wednesday, 12/16/15 (RAIN DATE)  
Sunday, 1/24/16 Boys and Girls @ Holland Hall  11:00am 03s/02s 1:00pm 05s/04s
Monday, 2/8/16 Boys @ TBA  5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
Wednesday, 2/10/16 Girls @ TBA 5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
Monday, 2/29/16 Boys @ TBA  5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
Wednesday, 3/2/16 Girls @ TBA  5:30pm 05s/04s  7:00pm 03s/02s
About ETC
The highest level of potential talent is with TSC Hurricane in the state of Oklahoma.  To help identify that talent ,as well as to assist in the transition into calendar year team formation for 2016, TSC Hurricane established Elite Training Centers (ETC) for the U10-13 age groups.
The TSCH Elite Training Center (ETC) program aims to identify high potential players in preparation for higher levels including ECNL, Regional and National Leagues. ETC will also be a vehicle for the ECNL/SRPL coaches to get in front of these players and provide exposure to a different training environment.  ETC sessions will be held at no cost to participating TSCH players.  
ETC will also assist in:
  • help the transition into calendar year team formation set to begin with the 2016-17 seasonal year,
  • developing club technical standards and methods based on ECNL & US Soccer Development Academy,  
  • developing a common playing philosophy,  
  • ECNL/SRPL coaches to get more closely connected with younger age groups, 
  • identifying high potential talent and recommending for the highest levels,
  • helping players understand the expectations and demands to succeed at higher levels.
From Directors
"ETC will help us improve as a club which we are always striving to do.  Our Leadership Group recently met about how we can improve our Juniors program and player development and we took away some great plans.  ETC is one of those plans that will take us to the next level," says DOC Mark McIntosh.
"I'm excited about ETC as it will help us evaluate players and give feedback on where players need to be for consideration for U-14 ECNL.  ETC will also help us a) gain knowledge on top 30 players; b) improve players thru testing requirements; c) help coaches on what teams need to improve on to be ready for ECNL; and, d) give players time to improve on weaknesses before ECNL tryouts," says ECNL Director Kerry Shubert.
"ETC is going to be very important for us going forward. Our goals for ETC are: a) for SRPL coaches to obtain comprehensive knowledge of incoming player pool; b) identify strengths and areas of opportunity for development for players; c) to provide opportunities for players to receive feedback from multiple staff members; d) to ensure players have adequate awareness of club performance expectations and to provide numerical benchmarks /testing to measure them specifically; and, e) to create an environment that stimulates growth and pursuit of elite ability.  I look forward to working with the coaches and the players," says Boys Director Michael Nsien.
Phase 1 - Scouting, coach consultation, pool training/identification, technical baselines  (Register)
ECNL/SRPL coaches consult with U10-13 coaches and scouting games during the Fall season.  Participating players will have an opportunity to be trained during a few sessions to further help the ECNL/SRPL coaches get exposed to these players.  These sessions are free, single-day player identification and development opportunities for TSCH players with the most potential to train under the direction of ECNL/SRPL coaches. 
Phase 2 - Elite Training Center training, development matches
TSCH players with the most potential to train under the direction of ECNL/SRPL coaches may be invited in for special programming. Players selected to these special sessions are based on performance on their teams, previous training sessions, recommendations from their TSCH coaches, or through events attended by ETC scouts.  ETC players will also form the basis for TSCH club recommendations to Elite Programs such as TSA, ID2, ODP or US Soccer National Training Centers.
ETC Leaders
Kerry Shubert (Girls)
ECNL Director
Michael Nsien (Boys)
TSA/Boys Director