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Positive thinking pays off


My college experience was studying at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan from 1980 to 1984 -- the same years as Ronald Reagan’s first term in the White House. Near Parsons was a renowned positive thinker, Norman Vincent Peale, who was completing his wonderful 52-year ministry as Pastor o ... Read More »

In the right spot, at the right time


I have seen many soccer games when the referee made an important call -- sometimes correctly, sometimes incorrectly -- and loud dissent followed since the ref was 40 yards away from the play. Just as with phones, long-distance calling can be very expensive. The preventive officiating technique is ... Read More »

Love Soccer? Become a Ref!


  Keith Hackett is an amazing soccer -- or better yet, football expert -- and a well known referee.  Few referees have ever stood up to Sir Alex Ferguson and emerged unharmed. As the London Sunday Times says "Crossing swords with Sam Allardyce can be sc ... Read More »

Top 10 Questions


  QUESTION 1: What is the correct story on family members being a ref or linesman during a game?  Is that "ok"? There does not appear to be any official policy regarding who can referee what game, other than the obvi ... Read More »

Ask the Ref: Handball


  Keith Hacket on the Joys of the Game, specifically on Handball. I often hear the crowd’s screams for a free kick or penalty kick when the ball strikes the hand. So I thought that I would try to clarify the law and also underpin at the same time how referees should act on ... Read More »

Should Refs Adjust Their Style to Fit the Players?


By Randy Vogt Most youth soccer referees quit within the first couple of years of officiating with verbal abuse by kids' parents being the No. 1 reason for quitting. But if they can get through those critical first two or three years, refs will develop a reputation and style, both of whi ... Read More »

Should Championship Games Be Officiated Differently?


By Randy Vogt Soccer America columnist Paul Gardner has lamented that championship games are generally not as good as the matches that proceeded it as the teams often are more concerned with not making a mistake defensively than going for the goal. Although teams might play title games more ... Read More »

Refereeing In Different Systems


The youngest youth soccer players start out by kicking a smaller ball into a smaller goal on a small-sided field. By the time they have graduated to U-13 and often sooner, they are playing 11 vs. 11 with a No. 5 ball on a regulation field with goals that are 8 feet high and 8 yards wide. Small- ... Read More »